Hissab Bikhir

hissab bikhir

Enjoy banking services simply and securely!



Would you like to open an account and enjoy simple, low-cost banking services adapted to your needs and those of your family and friends?

Even if your income is very modest, Wafacash offers you the possibility of having a bank account which guarantees you the total security of your money for a very small fee. Your transactions can be made without limitations, in any Wafacash branch in Morocco.

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What are the advantages?

Hissab Bikhir offers you the 1st low cost bank account in Morocco, which is simple to use and will only cost you 5.5 Dh per month (all tax included)!


The account is operational immediately, letting you make your transactions in the branch straight away.


Hissab Bikhir guarantees total security. Your money is safely placed and protected in your bank account.


Hissab Bikhir is the least expensive bank account on the market. The cost of running the account is just 5.5 Dh/ month (all tax included).


As a Hissab Bikhir customer, you are able to use any of the Wafacash branches throughout the country. You can deposit or with draw money whenever you want and without the limitations of value dates. You can access your bank statement whenever you like at the Wafacash branch of your choice.


The Hissab Bikhir account is very simple to manage. By presenting your Hissab Bikhir bank book and a valid piece of ID, you can with draw or deposit your money simply and efficiently.


More than 1,000 possible branches with flexible opening times, adapted to your needs.


How much does it cost?

The cost of the account is only 6.5 dh/ month (all tax included). Besides, Wafacash gives you the possibility of paying this monthly fee in any branch if you do not want to set up a direct deposit.

How to benefit from a funeral support " INJAD BIKHIR "?

To ensure continuous improvement of services associated with the account " Hissab Bikhir " we offer assistance in case of death in Morocco " INJAD BIKHIR "


This service supported by our WAFA IMA partner offering valuable support for your family and allows them in case of death of the account holder Hissab Bikhir benefit from :


·         Transportation of the remains of the place of death to burial ,

·         Support for administrative formalities related to the transport of the body ,

·         Payment within 48 hours to your account from participating in funeral expenses up to 3000 DHS.